Hey, this case study show step by step on how I can find 50+ link prospects in less than 2 hours without using tools.


**Before this, you will need to install the chrome extension: Scraper

Step 1: Find a keyword that I am going to use. In this case, my keyword is cleaning schedule.


Step 2: Gather the search operator :

For this case study, I will be using these 6.

cleaning schedule “links”
cleaning schedule “useful links”
cleaning schedule inurl:links
cleaning schedule “resources”
cleaning schedule “useful resources”
cleaning schedule inurl:resources


Step 3: Take the first search operator and place it into Google.com

Step 4: Go to any results url and right click, click on the scrape similar…

Step 5: Copy the results and paste them into a google sheets.

Step 6: Repeat this for all the pages and also each search operators.

Step 7: Once you are done, sort the urls nicely from A-Z.

Step 8: Start to filter out those urls that you don’t need.

  • Filter “links” , “resources” , “helpful” ,”recommend” and highlight them as green colors

  • Filter “gov”, “org”, “edu”, “pdf”, “doc” etc and delete them away

  • Try out different filter to suits your needs!


Step 9: Now I have a nice list of urls and I will start vetting them.

  • Open 10 url at one time

  • Delete those that are not relevant to your niche


Step 10: After vetting, I have a list of prospects. Now I can start getting their contact and outreach to them to get some links.


Here you goes. Follow these steps and you should be able to get some prospects and some links!

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